Shooting Star (2011)

ER CD-013

Track listing:
  1. Bullets (4.19)
  2. Picsty (4.13)
  3. Paradox (5.14)
  4. Eye Of Your Needle (5.51)
  5. Save Our Soul (5.53)
  6. Here To Help (4.15)
  7. Shooting Star (6.48)
  8. Nameless Isle (6.32)
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Blue Flux's latest album emerges with a scaly smile from its intensive two-year incubation, then hits the ground running with its punchy opening track Bullets. The deceptively twangy Picsty soon nails its true colours to the mast, until the gentler tones of Paradox stop down the camera lens and slowly tilt it towards the mirror. Maintaining this softer focus are the plangent Eye Of Your Needle and the timely yet timeless Save Our Soul, until Here To Help hits the lights to deliver its relentless roundkick with all guns blazing. The album's bittersweet title track paints a universal picture that sets the scene for Shooting Star's final song, the ethereal Nameless Isle.

As colourful as its original artwork, Shooting Star is nothing less than testimony to a band at the peak of their performance. With delicate songwriting and no-holds-barred musicianship abound, this is an album that stands up to scrutiny and might just sparkle a little more with every catch.

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Shooting Star