The Agenda (2008)

ER CD-012

Track listing:
  1. Tomorrow's Too Late (3.19)
  2. Rockdad (4.35)
  3. Hidebound (4.49)
  4. Sandwich on Putney Bridge (4.53)
  5. Jessica's Dream (4.56)
  6. Skinchange (4.09)
  7. Second Chance (4.38)
  8. The Agenda (6.56)
  9. Landed (4.44)
  10. Click Here (4.58)
  11. Vanilla Days (4.15)
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Blue Flux's album The Agenda hit the racks in 2008 to set new standards for the band's expressive songwriting skills and dedicated musicianship. And to prove once more that nothing quite sounds like Blue Flux.
Following the album's foot-stomping opener Tomorrow's Too Late, the bitter-sweet guitarbasher Rockdad cuts to the chase – here the relentless culture cloning visited upon once-smug parents by their retro-minded offspring. In its wake, seemingly innocuous little twangers like Hidebound, Jessica's Dream and Sandwich on Putney Bridge soon blossom into class A string-stranglers with a sting in the tail. Coming up for air, and it's back down to the timely and cage-rattling title track –  light and shade in a bottle. Rising from the deep, the hauntingly atmospheric Skinchange and Click Here waft forth, ray-like, before a bubble-soft ride back to the surface astride the life-affirming Vanilla Days.
Musically The Agenda shows clear, well-polished links to recent Blue Flux antecedents. Sparkling guitar riffs, atmospheric synth lines and the odd chugging groove all help to expertly propel each song to its destiny. The level of lyrical intensity however belies evolutionary principles. It's the album's brand-new booster rocket that clearly sets it apart from the Flux pack to date.

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The Agenda