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Tom Berlin - Infinity Blue
Gravity works

25. Oct. 2016
- If you fancy previewing one of a clutch of three deep indietronic tracks we worked on this summer, here's your chance. And anyone suggesting this was conceived whilst flying may need their head examined...

Normality Central

15. Apr. 2016
- And you thought we were kicking back watching X-Factor re-runs all night long after our last album release? Hmmm, the mere thought of it... Anyroad, listen to one of our new tracks if you care to find out the truth.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 

22. Oct 2015
- There's only so much studio housekeeping you can do in the languid wake of a new album release. High time to install a new musical compass. And Omnisphere promises to be just that. This baby ticks all the boxes. Stand by for lift-off!

Don't Let Go CDs air-dropped from pressing plant 

04. July 2015
- CD albums of Don't Let Go air-drop. The final chapter - completed. Worth a selfie, huh? Don't try this with downloads...
Now it's up to you. Go to CDbaby or Amazon to pay them a visit.

Blue Flux - Don't Let Go - new album 
Line drawn, collision imminent

22. June 2015
- and at the final click of a button one portal snapped shut, files uploaded, processes engaged, a slice of future solidified. And another portal opened.
Happy? You bet! Completing and delivering a new album is a special moment. We made it as best as we could. And now it's out there. They don't call it 'release' for nothing...
It's titled Don't Let Go. Well, we did. And we didn't.

Nearly time to let go

26. May 2015
- revision and mastering of all ten new album tracks has now mercifully come to an end. So it's on to cover design now, followed by production proofing and roll-out. Still lots to do, but the end is in sight. Expect clips and more content info shortly.

One more mix...

21. Jan. 2015
- final track reviews and mastering of our new album has been in full swing for the past month or so. Well, for "review" read "listen, gasp, prune and enhance furiously." Hindsight works, and never more so than for the recording musician.
Many of the songs previously posted on our Preview page are changing now, in some cases beyond recognition, so I'll take them offline shortly. Evolution, as always, is the name of the game here.
New album release date currently set for July this year.

Pulse multimedia landscape art 

12. Oct. 2014
- with less than two weeks until the exhibition opens to the public I'm caught up in a hive of rush-rush jobs. But I did find a few spare hours to update this site. Look out for the new Pulse CD and DVD pages as well as the added free Coastylus and Pulsessence downloads. The latter is a 40 minute ambient piece not included on the CD or DVD, so it's a bit of a rarity. Grab it before it evaporates.

Pulse CDs & DVDs arrive from manufacturing plant 
They're here!

04. Oct. 2014
- we have liftoff! Pulse merchandise received today from manufacturer. A small step for everyone else but a momentous leap for yours truly.

work in progress

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Pulse - multimedia art by Tom Berlin

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Everyone should have a home
Recent cutbacks in council budgets affect us all. But for those already hanging on by their fingernails every new cut could also be their last. It just doesn't seem right that people already deprived of what the rest of us take for granted should perhaps be forced to pay the ultimate price. If you feel the same way, please help by contacting your local MP here, or learn what else can be done by visiting the Shelter charity foundation..

Ever wondered why supermarkets ask us to buy one, get one free instead of simply selling us what we need at cheaper prices? Sure, shifting double the volume helps them coerce extra discounts from their suppliers. But more significantly, between 30 to 70% of food sold as BOGOF ends up in our bins with its (supposed) sell-by date expired. And who knows how much of  it is eaten merely to stave off guilt, not hunger. It's sad, right? So eat to live, not live to eat. Watch less food porn on TV. And show Big Soopa who's boss. 
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Fink is a unique UK band we've followed since way back. So it's all the more heartening to see them go from strength to strength as they tour every ounce of brilliance out of their new album.
Lamb - this creative UK duo has crafted some of the most beautiful and haunting songs to inspire this planet. Thanks!
Check out what makes them special.
You may not have heard of Andy Goldsworthy, but odds on you've glimpsed images of his unique landscape art. The innocence and poignant transience of his work is as breathtaking as it is life-affirming.


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